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Invensoft sponsors  LME Metals Seminar 2019, London.

A Global Leader in Commodity Trading selects Invensoft-XBS© for their East African Operations.

A Leading Commodity Trading Company selects Invensoft-XBS© their operations in Asia and Europe.

Invensoft implements Invensoft-XBS© SaaS for a leading Commodity Origin Operator in Colombia in record time

A Global Leader in LME Certified Metal Warehousing selects Invensoft-XBS© for their global operations covering United States, Europe and Asia.

Invensoft Technologies Private Limited

is an Information Technology Company providing Solutions covering Commodity Management and Commodity Warehousing & 3PL to business in Agricultural Commodities, Metals, Minerals and Concentrates.

Since Year 2000 Invensoft is supporting top global commodities companies including Fortune 500 companies in over TEN Commodity origins in Asia, Africa, North and South America.

Invensoft-XBS© is the most successful Unified Platform offering End-to-End business features for Commodity Business Management covering Origination, Procurement, Processing/Milling, Commodity Trading, Exports, 3rd Party Warehousing and Logistics services.

Invensoft-XBS© is a Cloud enabled Enterprise Web application built on Microsoft Dot Net Technologies and Oracle Data store. Customers can choose various deployment options to fit their needs of scalability, security and flexibility.

  • On-Site Deployment.
  • On Private Cloud.
  • Cloud Based SaaS.

  • XBS Apps© is the modren Apps for Apple Iphone, IPad and Android mobile mobile phone and tablets running phones and Tablets. Apps bring in the most needed flexibility, productivity and accuracy in the day to day operations of commodity business.


    Commodity Management Covering Origin Business, Procurement, Quality Management, Processing, Warehousing and International Trading.


    Warehouse Management covering 3rd party Warehousing, Bonded Warehouses and Service Providers providing warehousing, processing, blending, bulking, packing and logistics services.


    Commodity Trade Risk Management Covering Classical International Trading Business, Contract Management FOB, CIF, CNF, ETC., In-Store, Allocations, Logistics, Costing, Finance, Positions, Daily MTM and PnL.

    For Soft Commodities like Coffee, Cocoa, Grains, Spices and other Softs.



    Warehouse Business Management for LME Certified 3rd Party Warehousing Service Providers, offering Warehousing, Logistics and Service for 3rd parties.

    For LME Certified Metal Warehouses dealing with Solid Metals, Blocks and other Metals.