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Invensoft sponsors  LME Metals Seminar 2019, London.

A Global Leader in Commodity Trading selects Invensoft-XBS© for their East African Operations.

A Leading Commodity Trading Company selects Invensoft-XBS© their operations in Asia and Europe.

Invensoft implements Invensoft-XBS© SaaS for a leading Commodity Origin Operator in Colombia in record time

A Global Leader in LME Certified Metal Warehousing selects Invensoft-XBS© for their global operations covering United States, Europe and Asia.


... Solutions for Agricultural Commodity Bussiness and Metal Warehousing Business.

Invensoft-XBS© an Unified Commodity Management Platform for Modern day Global Commodity Business. Designed as Enterprise / Cloud solution to meet the end-to-end business requirements of Commodity Business right from Up Stream (Origin), Mid-Stream and Down Stream (Consumption).

For Agricultural Commodity Business For LME Certified Metal Warehousing Business.

Invensoft-XBS© provides specific solutions for Agricultural Commodity Business. From Origin management to Trading, solutions will fit the needs of modren day commodity business houses.

  • Commodity Management from Origins.
  • 3rd Party Commodity Warehousing, Processing/Milling and Services.
  • Commodity Trade Risk Management.

Invensoft-XBS© provides innovative industry specific solution for LME Certified Warehousing Business. Our Solution is unique and provides end-to-end feature for Metal Warehouse business.

  • 3rd Party Metal Warehousing.
  • 3 rd Party Logistics and Service.
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