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Invensoft sponsors  LME Metals Seminar 2019, London.

A Global Leader in Commodity Trading selects Invensoft-XBS© for their East African Operations.

A Leading Commodity Trading Company selects Invensoft-XBS© their operations in Asia and Europe.

Invensoft implements Invensoft-XBS© SaaS for a leading Commodity Origin Operator in Colombia in record time

A Global Leader in LME Certified Metal Warehousing selects Invensoft-XBS© for their global operations covering United States, Europe and Asia.

Professional Services  | Education and Training  | Maintenance

Invensoft has been practicing “Total Involvement” with its customer to achieve goals in best possible time. We engage as a team rather than a vendor with our customer in long term relationship bringing in comprehensive value rather than "JUST", Products and Solutions. Our services ranging from Professional Services, Education & Training and Support services are designed to deliver superior product experience, higher productivity, low cost of ownership and customer delight.

Professional Services:

Customizations and Enhancements:
Invensoft engages with customer from very early stage of need identification to suit the specific business requirements. Invensoft’s team participates in Business GAP analysis, Requirement Analysis leading to GAP and Solution design and finalization. Once the solution is finalized, Invensoft team works on software customizations and enhancements. These activities are practiced with an established process of quality assurance, testing including, system and integration testing leading to user acceptance testing and handover. Customizations and Enhancement includes changes to the existing Invensoft-XBS© software as well as developing wrap-around and satellite applications over and above the enterprise solution.

Data Migration and Management: We understand that when we start implementing our product and solutions our customer will be having their business critical data in different electronic formats or systems. Migration of this business critical data is one of the key to the success of project. We offer comprehensive data migration and management for our customer during product implementation. We ensure that the data is migrated with minimum customer effort and zero losses leading to smooth system transformation.

Interface and Integration: Being a Unified Commodity Management solution, Invensoft-XBS© offers ready interface and integration ability with ERP Systems, back office accounting software, third party applications, devices like Weigh Scale and Live Feed. Seamless interface eliminates duplicate data entry, data reconciliation and data entry errors and hence achieving higher productivity and information on demand. Invensoft’s custom built Interface Framework supports different models like file based data transfer, neutral Z tables, web services etc. Specific methods based on customer specific requirements can be designed and implemented.

Other IT Services: While our customer focuses on their core business we deliver value to their business by providing much needed services on the IT arena. Invensoft engages with customers on long to short term engagements, both at on-site (at customer location) and off-shore (remotely from India) to provide IT services. These services includes application management assistance, project management, go-live activities, database management and others. Specific service models can be provided based on customer specific requirements.

Education and Training:

Customized Education and Training:
Invensoft provides customized education and training on the software and solutions. Class room based on-site training is provided by Invensoft’s trainers to a defined group of customer. The location and contents of training program can be designed in consultation with customers based on their specific needs. Typically the training is conducted after the solution deployment is complete. These training are intended to achieve productivity in system usage and reduce user mistakes. Continues education programs are to be provided for user groups to leverage their understanding of product. These are customer specific programs designed for specific needs.

The training programs are designed for users to get a detailed, step-by-step instructions on Invensoft application modules, functionalities which are used by users for day to day job profiles. The training also extends to user testing, hands on live examples and assignments leading to enhanced user experience.

On-Line Web Training: Making use of modern technology enables Invensoft to provide a quick, cost effective On-Line Trainings to a user group or even personalized training to individuals or small groups. On-line training is conducted by Invensoft’s instructors over the web using software tools for desktop sharing, web demos etc. Customers can take the benefits of these on-line training to quickly train new employees, re-train employees to improve efficiency and employees where the job profile is changed. The on-line training is a continues education program intending in constantly improving user knowledge on the Invensoft’s solution hence achieving better productivity for customers.


Continues Support:
Invensoft extends continues support to business critical applications enabling our customers to have a smooth business activities without any disruption. Our Global Support Team is an extended arm of our customer providing range of support services. Our support services are flexible and are based on customer requirements. From basic support ticket based defect management to text over e-mail, chat and voice-based support services are offered. Usage of modern tools like remote diagnostics, remote desktops enables Invensoft’s support engineers to effectively understand the customer issues and deliver solutions as quick as possible. Standard Annual Support Packages are offered. Customer Specific support models are also offered based on customer needs.

Continues Enhancements and Up-gradation: Changes in business demands leads to enhancements and up-gradation to the systems. We ensure that our customers are always assisted on what they need in time. Enhancements and up-gradation is intended to meet the business challenges, increase productivity and totally eliminate work around and out of system processes. Invensoft takes up these requirements and delivers the solutions enabling customer to run their business process without any distraction.