Commodity Trade Risk Management

Invensoft-XBS© CTRM provides end to end features for commodity trade risk management involving in Contract Management, Trade Management, Warehousing, Hedging, Risk Management, Positions, Exposures, Daily P&L and reporting.

XBS CTRM software is designed specifically for commodity trading and risk management companies, involved in buying and selling of commodities, the movement and delivery of those commodities, and the associated risk management activities for those commodities. The application software captures all the nuances of commodity trading. You can manage physical trades, accounting, derivative trades, position, mark to market, origination, logistics, risk management, procurement, planning and scheduling in one system, in real time, and on demand. No time is wasted, data is accurate, and reports are time.

  • Physical Contract Management
    • Manage Physical Purchase and Sales Contracts.
    • Pricing Options: Flat Price and PTBF Contracts.
    • Packaging Options: Purchase and Sales in BULK / Bags.
    • Manually split Contracts based on shipment/delivery.
    • Manage Standard Costs and Commissions.
  • Logistics Management
    • Capture Shipment Status of a Split (Instructed, Pending Approval, PSS Approved, Afloat, Warehoused, Tender, Delivered).
    • Manage Allocation of Sales to Purchase with Contract Splits.
    • Automatic split of Contracts during Sales to Purchase Allocation.
    • Supports Instore , Back-to-Back and Afloat Sales.
    • Capture Instruction for Shipping and print Shipping Instruction.
    • Capture Shipment details and print Shipping Advice.
    • Capture Instore (Warehouse) details.
    • Capture Tendered details and print Tender report.
    • Capture Delivered details and print.
    • Supports Reweight and Re-bagging of instore lots.
  • Sample Management
    • Manage Samples Sent and Samples Received.
    • Types of Samples Sent: Offer, Type, Pre-Shipment Sample, Stock Lot / Instore, Arrival.
    • Types of Samples Received: Offer, Type, Pre-Shipment Sample.
  • Future and Forex Trade Management
    • User Definable and Configurable Future Terminal with details.
    • Future Contract Management (Buy and Sell) with Broker Details.
    • Capture Future Trades and Forex Trade.
    • Allocation to Futures / Forex Trades to Physicals Contracts.
    • Hedge and Un-Hedge Position.
    • Auto Price Fixation of PTBF Physical Contracts when allocated to Futures.
  • Financial Management:
    • Capture Purchase Invoices from Sellers
    • Generate Sales Invoices.
    • Provisional and Final Invoice.
    • Capture/Generate Credit / Debit Notes for Quantity difference (system suggests based on weight terms and shipped/landed/delivered weights).
    • Capture/Generate Credit / Debit Notes for Quality.
    • Print Invoice and Credit/Debit Notes.
  • Risk Analysis, Position and P and L
    • Real Time Position Analysis based on Physicals and Futures.
    • Real Time Warehouse Position.
    • Real Time Long / Short Position.
    • Realized P&L and Unrealized P&L.
    • Daily P&L on Real Time and Historical.
    • Month End Closure and Monthly P&L freezing.

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