3RD Party Agro Warehousing And 3RD Party Logistics

XBS-3PL Agro Application provides comprehensive warehouse management system software that makes it easy to manage inventory, automate routine tasks, and deliver complete visibility to 3PLs and their customers. With over 10 years of experience in working with top Agro 3PL warehouse service providers, Invensoft has rich experience in understanding and building software solutions for 3PL warehouse management, based on industry best practices.

Outsourcing to third party logistics providers, also known as 3PL, has become more of the rule than the exception these days. And while many of the smaller players in the industry have been bought out by larger competitors, the result has been a positive increase in adoption and an expansion in services offered. Now, 3PL companies are offering much more beyond the basics of logistics and delivering full-service, value-added options for more comprehensive solutions. As a result, warehouse managers and services seekers need to manage inventory and ship products faster and at more attractive prices. Invensoft XBS-3PL Agro aids in the same with following features:

  • Truck Traffic Management
    • Reception of Trucks based on Service Contracts.
    • Parking Management: QR Code based ticket, parking slot.
    • Comprehensive information of Parking Slots, Time Spent by Truck etc.
  • Commodity Intake Management
    • QR Code based Ticket for Commodity receipts / inward.
    • User Configurable Sample Management with QR Code tracking.
    • First / Preliminary Samples and Quality Analysis.
    • Second / Detailed Quality Analysis.
    • Gross, Tare and Net weight calculation with Weighbridge integration.
    • Warehouse Allocation of Stocks Received.
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management
    • Exclusive 3rd Party Stock Management with comprehensive details.
    • User Definable Location Specific Warehouse with User access rights.
    • Three Dimension Warehouse definitions with Zones.
    • User Definable Inventory Types for Inventory Classification including Own and 3rd Party Inventory.
    • Stock Transfers including Overseas Stock Transfer: Multiple issues and receipts including partial transfers with Stock In Transit, transit losses/gains.
    • QR Code based Lot Identification in the Warehouse (Optional).
    • User Definable Packing/ Storage Type like Bags, Jumbo Bags, Bins, Containers Etc.
    • Palletized Inventory, Bulk, Bags, Big (Jumbo) Bag management.
    • Inventory Management (Two Dimensional) with Weight and Packing Type visibility.
    • Inventory Details availability; “Live”, “As on Date” as well as “Historical data” by Customer.
    • Comprehensive Inventory Movement information by Customer.
    • Intelligent Certified Commodity Management.
  • Quality Analysis
    • Innovative and Comprehensive User Configurable Quality Template.
    • Multi Stage Quality Analysis (QA).
    • QA at Gate, Sample, Lot Intake, In-Store/ Warehouse, Before / After Processing, Before / After Stock Transfer and Shipment.
    • Automated Quality Flagging / Results.
  • Commodity Milling, Processing and Production Management
    • User Definable Process Steps or Stages.
    • Configurable Process Template definition.
    • Multiple Processing Issues and Receipts with WIP (Work In Process).
    • Lots can be blocked for a Processing based on Quality Parameters.
    • Comprehensive Production Costing and Valuation.
  • Shipping and Logistics
    • Shipping Instruction based on client’s approval.
    • BL and Post Shipment details.
  • Finance Management
    • General Ledger (GL) with User Configurable Multi-Level Chart of Accounts (COA).
    • Management of Service Contracts by Customer.
    • User Configurable, Flexible, Template Based Service Cost Management.
    • Comprehensive Service Invoice management based on the Contract Rates activities performed, services rendered.
    • Payment Receipts from Customers.
  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Real Time Stock at a date with Stock In Hand, In-Transit, WIP for all 3rd Party (Customer) Stock, based on Location and Warehouse.
    • Bi-Directional LOT Traceability (From Entry to Exit including Bulking).
    • Extensive built in Reports with user selection on search criteria, views and filters.
    • All the Reports can be exported to Excel Spreadsheet and PDF.
    • Microsoft Excel Business Intelligence Templates.
  • Interface with ERP and Other Financial Systems
    • Readily Available bi-directional data interface with ERPs like SAP, Microsoft AX / Dynamics / Navision.
    • Customizable bi-directional data interface with Oracle Financials, JD Edwards, Location Specific Financial Accounting Systems Etc.
    • Real time interface with instruments and equipment like Weigh Bridge for online weight data pickup.

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