Digital Agriculture

Managing multidimensional Agriculture parameters is the biggest challenge.Heterogeneous data points, on-field activities, inventory and processes makes it most complicated business activity. It is extremely difficult for the companies involved in business of agricultural commodity to visualize the grass root issues, risks and arrive at mitigation. Most unmitigated risks yields in either beefed up margins impacting cost and competitiveness or in loss of cash and opportunity. Compliance and statutory needs are also in huge demand nowadays to meet the requirements of deforestation, transparency and traceability.

Digitizing Agricultural business from the grass root level at Farms is the need of the hour. With digital agriculture the companies can get information on demand, take timely mitigated action and predict the business path. Digital agriculture is a multidimensional and broad spectrum opportunity in terms of technology involving mobile technology, web, cloud and AI, ML.

Most on-field activities required for digitizing agriculture cannot be performed , as the remote fields in developing nations lack internet / mobile connectivity. With the “LOST – Last Mile” digitizing agriculture has been a herculean task. Invensoft introduces a unique solution to cover all the digitial agricultural activities even in the ABSENCE of connectivity.

Invensoft-XBS© Digital Agriculture : Farmer, Farm Management, Farm Fintech, Yield Prediction and Analysis.

Invensoft-XBS© Digital Agriculture popularly known as "XBS-DA" is a Cloud based SaaS (Software as a Service) offering for managing agricultural business right from fields. XBS-DA consists of Off-line Mobile Apps for android devices and cloud based enterprise web app. XBS-DA offers farmer management, farm management, digitization with polygons, farm gate procurement, processing at farms, farm logistics, farm surveys, yield estimates and farm fintech. Sustainabilty programs and farmer training can be rolled out using XBS-DA.

XBS-DA is intended for agricultural commodity companies, seed manufacturers, contract farming, agricultural sourcing companies. With  xTrace in XBS-CM, the XBS-DA provides full traceability from Farm to Cup.

Field activities can be performed on XBS-DA mobile app in off-line mode. The most unique way to reach the “Last-Mile” and the data is automatically synchronized to the cloud when the mobile connection is established. Now agricultural companies can reach their “LOST – Last Mile” and effectively perform their business activities.

  • Farmer Registration and Management
    • Farmer registration.
    • Farmer details.
    • Farmer identity management with intelligence.
    • Unique QR code based registration card.
    • Off-Line Mobile Apps supports all activities.
  • Farm Gate Procurement
    • Purchase at Farm Gate.
    • Purchase from Farmer Gropus, Co-operatives.
    • Bulking of purchases.
    • Off-Line Mobile Apps supports all activities.
  • Field Staff Module
    • Creation and Management of field staff.
    • Assignment of farmers to field staff.
    • Field activity control with GPS data.
    • Business controls, transparency and productivity.
    • Off-Line Mobile Apps.
  • Farm Fintech
    • Farmer Loans.
    • Loan disbursement and collection.
    • On-field sale of inputs to farmers.
    • Off-Line Mobile Apps supports all activities.
  • Farm Management
    • Registration of Farms.
    • Digitizing farms with polygons (map).
    • Modify polygons on cloud for accuracy.
    • Crop details and management.
    • Off-Line Mobile Apps supports all activities.
  • Farm Produce Processing
    • On-field processing of Farm Produce.
    • Bulking of farm produce.
    • Off-Line Mobile Apps supports all activities..
  • Farm Survey, Assessment and Yield Prediction
    • Template based Module.
    • Farm Survey.
    • Regular Crop survey.
    • Yield prediction and agronomy.
    • Off-Line Mobile Apps supports all activities.
  • Farmer Training and Sustainability goals
    • Farmer trainings.
    • Sustainability programs, meetings.
    • Off-Line Mobile Apps supports all activities.

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